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Health Benefits of Therapeutic Drumming.

 Clinical studies and neuro-imaging have demonstrated that rhythm affects the mind and body in profound ways. It can be more effective than meditation or yoga in reducing stress and it has been proven to boost the body’s immune system.       There are several benefits to the human mind-body-spirit system which include de stressing, exercising the upper body, developing creativity, improve mental clarity, raise self esteem and confidence. Tackle communication problems, anger and express unresolved emotions with drumming.      

Everyone is a Drummer

  Drumming is a very accessible activity that is being used around the world with many populations including those living with mental illness, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, PTSD, MS, ADHD, autism and with survivors of cancer, trauma and acquired brain injury. I invite people from all of these groups, their carers and families, and anyone who wants to experience the joy and fun of a community drum circle to come and join us. No musical experience is necessary  Drumming, rhythm and percussion is heaps of fun and it is accessible to all, including the elderly and those living with mental illness or neurological condition. It is very effective to reduce stress, improve mind-body connection and increase mindfulness.        

Drum Circles and Classes

We have regular  weekly and monthly classes at Cotuit Center For The Arts and we can go wherever there is a group of people that want to drum for health and wellness. Senior Living Communities, Day Programs, Beaches, Senior Centers, anywhere at all.   Providing Drum Programs and Rhythm Activities to the special needs community. 


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Drum Strategies for Healing

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Teaching Conga, Djembe, Cajon and Groups, private lessons with weekly and monthly classes.

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